GOLD _ Monstrous Topographies

GOLD _ Monstrous Topographies

Dagmar Reinhardt + Lian Loke _ The University of Sydney


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A complex corporeality, as this paper argues, can be established by revising our understanding of the relationships between our body, and bodies associated, inter-actant, investigative or correspondent to our body. Fastforwarded by advanced computational design and fabrication, and increasingly embedding sensory and interactive technologies, this poses a challenge to the conceptualisation of body, material and space. At the intersection of architecture, human-computer interaction and choreography, we ask: What is the current status, and potential, of body and bodily experience in this relation? We are exploring here Duchamp’s Large Glass, and Grosz’s Theory of Spatial Complexity as conceptual drivers for a sentient environment that offers relational exchange for a choreographed number of bodies.

GOLD (Monstrous Topographies) is a spatial interactive installation set in the context of a performance that combines actors, audiences, kinetic interactive elements and programmed segments into a complex topography of inter-actant bodies. The research is driven by a notion of material latency that informs the recontextualisation of material, body movement and space in a choreographed approach. Through this, the conceptualisation, performance and choreography act as tools for, and modes of, a critical engagement with corporeal identities in a complex spatial design, enabling a nuanced understanding of human interaction and experience within space.


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