The Garden as Garment

The Garden as Garment

Aroussiak Gabrielian + Alison B. Hirsch _ foreground design agency


While the garden is an immersive medium, it rarely diminishes the distinction between the body and that which exists beyond the skin.  Gardens require human’s perpetual management and thus, to some extent, control, of the biophysical world.  When this control is surrendered, plants – once coddled – begin to engulf the landscape.

This design introduces a fully immersive garden – a garden that likewise engulfs or cloaks the visitor – providing a seamless vegetative blanket that both insulates and unifies.  By allowing ourselves to be fully enveloped in the garden, we release control and become part of our habitational field rather than separate from it.  Responding to the performance art lineage, clothing oneself in the garden provides one aspect of the engagement process, as does the collective act of wearing this common cloak, creating a new topography based on shared experience.



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