ii is the International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design.

In a global, complex, and networked society, interior architecture and its praxis are experiencing unprecedented change.  Theoretical investigations, design-research, and alternative explorations blend previously discrete disciplines within an emerging blurred territory. The International Journal of Interior Architecture + Spatial Design investigates this emerging territory by requesting scholarship, design research, and projects that ask bold questions and propose innovative responses.  Founded and stewarded by the Interior Architecture program at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, and published by the University of Houston Atrium Press, ii seeks to re-frame the debate and shape the contemporary dialogue of interior architecture and spatial design.

ii is an annual, double blind peer reviewed scholarly journal that serves as a leading source of stewardship and critical thinking within advanced spatially-based research, design, teaching, emerging technologies, and digital fabrication.

ii publishes peer-reviewed essays, visual compositions, and observations that merge research-based rigor with an avant-garde journalistic edge.  We define these focus areas broadly, while engaging disciplines including ecology, technology, media, sociology, anthropology, geography, and the arts.

ii solicits the work of educators, practitioners, and doctoral candidates in all disciplines that investigate interior built environments, spatial design, installation art, and light-mobile-architectures.  We seek provocative and original writing that critically examines contemporary practices within, but not limted to, interior architecture, furniture design, designed objects, and digital fabrication, as well as diverse narratives that explore the history, theory, and development of spatially-relevant disciplines.

ii seeks to balance blue sky optimism with the complexities of daily life, revealing the impact of people, place, production, and advanced technology on interior architecture and spatial design. We seek smooth and provocative writing that is equally accessible to both a sophisticated public audience and our professional and academic peers.

ii combines the scholarly depth of a book with the flexibility, frequency, and visual quality of a journal.  Each issue investigates a focused aspect of interior architectural theory, history, design, and production.

General inquiries may be sent to: iieditors@gmail.com


ii is an endeavor of the Advanced Spatial Design research group.

The Advanced Spatial Design research group (ASD) is a scholarly community based within the Interior Architecture program of the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston.  The ASD participates in design‐research and teaching activities that bridge the disciplines of interior architecture, furniture design, light-mobile-architectures, digital fabrication, and emerging technologies. Houston–the fourth largest city in the United States and an emerging global center of research, cross‐cultural interchange, and innovation–offers a dynamic base for its diverse programs. Sharing a common focus, the ASD endeavors to engage and improve the cognitive and performative capacities of spatial design and designed objects. Environmentally and culturally informed principles guide the development of adaptive and alternative strategies for various applications. Resident faculty, visiting fellowships, and students support research investigations of emerging technological, material, and social opportunities for interior architecture and spatial design. The ASD works to activate its research through speculation, construction, advocacy, and scholarship. Its activities support an open‐access database, as well as publications and traveling exhibitions worldwide.

As a Tier One Carnegie-rated institution, the University of Houston considers advanced research integral and fundamental to its mission. Accordingly, members of the ASD are actively involved in the discovery of new knowledge through sponsored design research, innovative design work, and text-based scholarship. Research activity is intermingled with departmental curricula, allowing students of interior architecture, architecture, industrial design, art, and graphic design to actively participate in a shared investigative process.

ASD website: www.advancedspatialdesign.org